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Hello fellow bakers, or baked goods lover, I’m back with more baking tips, tricks, and things to live by. Today we are going to be discussing organic ingredients and why I believe it is so important to only use them in my recipes. I am sure many of you have family recipes you love to make (or eat), maybe from your mom or dad, or grandparents, or a distant relative that no one really remembers, but one thing you do remember is that this is the “best” insert dessert here you will ever taste. I love when people say “well you must have not had my families *baked good” in response to someone saying that they don’t like something. Because they truly believe that their family’s recipe is the best. Most of the time it’s the memories that they associate with this recipe, but it does not really matter because they love it, and it brings them joy. Our baked goods come from that same place of love, we use all our old family recipes that we think are the best, and some new ones that we really love too. Since our memories cannot translate to how happy they make us to you we choose to focus on our ingredients, our quality organic ingredients speak for themselves. In today’s day and age specifically in the United States, you never truly know what’s in your processed food, that’s why we choose to use ingredients that we can count on in order to deliver delicious treats that not only taste amazing and but they do not leave you with that bloated dessert feeling you often get after indulging in a dessert. One of the main reasons we love organic ingredients is simply because we know that pesticides used are maliciously inspected before being approved to treat pest on the organic food grown. “Organic farming produces healthy food without the use of toxic pesticides. While some organic farmers do use pesticides they are primarily derived from natural substances. These natural pesticides must be approved for organic production” (Onlyorganic). We know that right now there are a lot of things in the world you can’t trust, but you can trust us for wonderful treats that are safe and delicious!

Blog 2

Hello fellow bakers and all our favorite taste testers, welcome back to our page! We are so glad you have decided to join us, like always the recipe is posted directly below, so if you would like to scroll right on down, please feel free to do so. As I am sure all of you are aware the holidays are upon us, and if your anything like me and my family, love the holidays, we love spending time together, decorating (yes before thanksgiving), and we love to make all the Christmas and holiday’s goodies. We love to cook and bake by the mounds, giving away to friends and family just as much as we are eating ourselves. That’s why I am sharing my families favorite Christmas cookie recipe, I know every family has one and thinks theirs is the best, but this one is delicious, on the healthier side, and oh so good with a cup of coffee in the morning or cocoa at night. The holidays are a nostalgic time, you see the decorations that have been passed down, the house smells like memories of Christmas’s past, you search for the perfect gifts for your loved ones, and your home is filled with love and laughter. Some of my best Christmas memories revolve around the oven, baking recipes that have been passed down for generations. So, this holiday season, I ask that you take a minute to slow down, to make sure that you write down these recipes that mean so much, to make them with love and care, because even though we all have loved ones that are not able to join us any longer, but their traditions, and recipes can. They can travel through time and connect generations together. The holidays come and go so fast each year, families grow up, move away, loved one’s pass, each year it seems like a new family member finds an excuse as to why they cannot attend this year, and it’s like they are never able to attend again. Food is our connection, it is a way to bring everyone to the table, it is a way to spend time together, to teach new generations the family secret.

Blog 3

Hold your breath, close your eyes and jump. That is the exact words my mom used whenever we get ready to open a new location. She always tells me if you’re going to wait until everything is perfect to open your doors, then they will never open. She’s right, you are never going to open with that mindset, you must be ready to take the cold plunge. Just like jumping into a freezing pool, it’s going to shock you, take your breath away, you’re going to instantly remember and realize all of the things you forgot to do, buy, or prepare for. But just like in that freezing pool you start to swim around and the water is suddenly not so shocking, not as cold, and you adapt to the changes you need to make, you fix problems, you accomplish your goal and it gets more efficient, easier with a little time, but you have to take the plunge. It can be terrifying to open your doors, putting everything into something and not knowing if you will succeed is a scary thought. Today we are going to focus on key elements to focus on for the success of your food service business, so the plunge is a little less scary. “It's essential that your restaurant offers a unique experience. It could be a Wine Bar with small plates, or a BBQ theme or a Create Your Plate concept. Whatever you decide, it is critical that the environment and "vibe" within the restaurant places the guest firmly inside the experience you're attempting to create” (Occhiogrosso, 2019). Having a clear concept on what your facility is going to be will not only help you and your team to not be so overwhelmed, but your customers too. You’re not trying to be everything, pick your niche and be wonderful at that niche. Another key element to being successful in this industry, like many, is your team. Your team is your support system, surround yourself with a great team and your facility and business will thank you for it. A great team will help you win everyday. Hiring great people is the first step in delivering service excellence and a consistent product to your guests” (Occhiogrosso, 2019). Starting is a hard step, but hold your breath, close your eyes, and jump, you can do this

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